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HPL-375/115X+, JS115V-375WX, 1000 Hour

The high performance USHIO HPL+ lamp has been redesigned to be the most powerful HPL ever. It’s ultra-compact filament geometry now improves the optical efficiency of your ETC Source Four™ fixtures to produce up to 20% more fixture lumens. That’s up to 20% more light from the same fixture as compared to the old lamp design.

Competing HPL lamp products are limited to larger filament dimensions than the USHIO HPL geometry. Working in close cooperation with ETC’s engineers, USHIO has matched the “innovation” of the Source Four fixture by making a more compact (6.0mm x 9.5mm) filament profile. This improvement partnered with the optics of the Source Four, generate ultimate axial and radial light distribution and optical system efficiency.

The Source Four’s precise optics demand precisely engineered lamps. USHIO has responded to the Source Four’s need for a reduced geometry filament, and has done so with quality manufacturing standards. Performance you can measure, quality you can count on, variety of lamp types, and innovative design for your theatrical needs.


  • New ceramic heat sink base maintains its resistance to electric conductivity over the life of the lamp

  • Tapered pins ensure easy fit into the fixture socket

  • Unique compact four & six filament design for more efficient light collection

  • Standard and Long Life versions provide increased light output

  • Ushio has the Largest Selection of Voltages and Wattages allowing the user to choose between highest output or longer life

  • High efficiency (28.5 lumens per watt average)

  • Increased fixture light output of up to 20%


  • Theatres

  • House of Worship

  • Museums

  • Architectural Installations

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