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Over a decade of research has been realized in the fos/4 Panels. It’s time to give your viewers the most realistic environments and skin tones possible. Why fix in postproduction what you can realize in production? fos/4 is available in both a white light Daylight HDR array and a full color Lustr X8 array.

With the fos/4 Panel available in three sizes and two arrays, you’ll never find yourself wishing for anything more. The fos/4 Panels are shockingly bright, but don’t sacrifice color quality. And with the addition of Deep Red LEDs, the Lustr X8 array pushes the boundaries of color rendering possibilities while the tunable Daylight HDR array gives new depth to your white light. The fos/4 series fixtures are made in the USA and backed by a 24/7/365 phone support guarantee. 


  • Two array choices:
    • Lustr X8 full color array
    • Daylight HDR tunable white array
  • Three sizes available
    • Small (8x24 in)
    • Medium (16x24 in)
    • Large (24x24 in)
  • Intuitive UI with color picker
  • Up to 62,000 lumens
  • Select CCT between 1900–10450 K
  • NFC configuration
  • Multiverse® wireless control
  • Standard 5/10 year LED fixture warranty


  • Television studios
  • Location shoots
  • Film sets


Fixtures ship with yoke, standard diffusion, powerCON TRUE1 TOP power input cable with connector of your choice and junior pin (1-1/8" / 28mm) adapter.

Need accessories? There are many! Call, email, or chat with us for more info!


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